Saturday, January 8, 2011

Serenaded by a Vato

90 mins
Sometimes the sauna is boring and quiet and other times it can be a quite entertaining place.  People do strange things when their slowly being cooked alive.  A lot of people come into the Sauna with their ipods on, what ever, it helps the time pass by.  Some people aren't very respectful to others and listen to their music so loud everyone in the room can hear it.
Serenaded  by a Vato in the Sauna

Yesterday this huge Vato Raider's fan sat down next to me blasting his tunes.  I figure I had 4 options 1. Be confrontational (not gonna happen, he could have eaten me) 2. Leave (no way) 3. Get mad and sulk (that would be silly) 4. Sing along (why the hell not). 
It's pretty funny when the person's playlist is the opposite from which you would stereotype them to listen to. This dude was blasting "Forever young" the Jay Z version.  I don't think he realized it but he began to sing out loud and definitely did not know the lyrics.  Myself and the girl sitting next to me started cracking up and began to sing along without him noticing.  
When the song was over he searched through his ipod for the next song.  "Macho man it's not as if macho man randomly came up, it was song he wanted to listen to." I was almost in tears laughing when this happened.  I also moved a little father away from dude. After macho man came "Kiss" By Prince. For some reason he didn't like that tune and switched to some other rap song I didn't know and left soon after.

About 20 minutes later really cute girl came in and started doing some Yoga while listening to her tunes.  She was all of like 90 lb's 5ft tall and really fit. The heat was starting to get to me and I had my head down when I heard what sounded like some old, fat, drunk dude, snoring. Did someone fall asleep?  I looked up and it was The girl.  She was doing some type of deep breathing and perhaps she had a cold. I don't think she was aware of how loud she had become  At first this was a big turn off but then I decided to embrace the moment (why be hater). I began to enjoy her sounds.  Might as well make the best of life.  Hopefully the next time a girl snoring is next to me in bed it will make me love her even more. lol.

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