Saturday, January 15, 2011


45 min
Well after defeating the sauna a few days prior I had nothing left to prove.  I was there to go in for ten minutes jump in the pool and repeat  to loosen up the muscles in my legs.

 For the past 2 months this giant lady in a pink bikini has been showing up at the pool /sauna.  to help rehabilitate her (I presume husband who seems t o be a stroke victim) Anyway I think she has a crush on me. Each day she sits a little closer to me and if I make eye contact I get a big smile and sometimes a wink.  She's an attractive lady. (for her size) If I were Andre the Giant and about 25 years older and she wasn't married to some dude who's rehabbing a stroke I'd be totally into it.  It's still not quite as flattering as the fat  70 something year old Russian lady that once told me "she wanted to have my baby."
Nostravia :)
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