Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A new record.

Sauna buddies
Brian (Child psychologist) Paveress (My favorite Iranian Hypnotherapist) myself and Lon (Just a sweet lady)

I've been avoiding cardio this week and it's driving me insane.  In an effort to prove something (My level of Stupidity) I decided  I would try and set a new personal best for continuous time staying in the sauna.  The plan was to bring my 2 gallon jug full of ice and water, a separate bottle full of nuun and a bandanna to put the ice around my neck. My previous record was 55 minutes but I haven't done that kind of time for about 18 months.  Anyway yesterday all I had was my trusty Ultimate direction fast draw plus upgraded to  26-Ounce Bottle (it goes everywhere with me) . My first session I stayed in for 30 mins talking with my buddies before the heat started to get to me.  
I took a few minutes to do some hip exercises out by the pool and air out a little bit before heading back in.

Session two 30mins
 On Most days it gets harder to stay in each time I return but not today session 2 came easy.  

Session 3 30mins
After about a two minute soak in the pool I was back in the heat.  By now all my sauna buddies had left and I had to pass the time by myself.  Lucky for me there was a copy of the O.C and L.A.  sitting around  I ended up thumbing through both especially enjoying the perverse classifieds in the back.  The time passed quickly and I felt good.  I should have been done by then (make that well done) but I decided to go back in for one last session.

I headed back in for one last session.  It was then that I got into the zone.  After 30 minutes I wasn't ready to leave.  I got Pavrese to refill my bottle to and I was determined to seize the day and set a new personal record.  By this time the sauna became packed with people I had beautiful women  on both sides of me as I attempted to achieve greatness (theres a fine line between Greatness and buffoonery guess which side I'm on?).  At 45 minutes time started to slow and the heat began to take it's toll.  I felt like I was being cooked alive.  Eventually I passed the 55 minute mark and was into uncharted waters.  

The crowd began to Cheer "Pat, Pat, Pat"and the women were all over me begging me to stay (I think they were in love)  as I exited the sauna after 62 minutes a new personal best. I was a bit delirious and that's how I chose to remember it, by this point i had been in the sauna for 154 minutes on the day.  After a couple minutes in the pool I was back to normal (well as close as I ever get to normal).  Funny thing is I felt like going back into the heat.  I decided to hit the hot tub for about 20 minutes before my desire for beer took over and I left the gym proud of what I had accomplished.

I finally broke the 60min barrier.  New goal 90mins 
Points 74 also a new record

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