Thursday, January 13, 2011

Records are meant to be broken

I hit my goal the day before 62 minutes straight and I did while being ill prepared with just my small bottle.  I had broken past the1 hour barrier and even though I had just done it once I was now beaming with a new confidence.  I came back the next day with a giant jug of Ice water.  (surely I could now go 90 minutes with 10 times the liquid)

On my way to gym I got distracted by the setting sun.  I ended up at the beach with my feet in the bone chilling water for about 30 minutes while I watched the skies turn pink and the sun disappear for the day.  Just before leaving car to enter the gym I ate a bag of of Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips to make sure my electrolytes stayed balanced. 

When I got to the sauna it was pretty dead I found my spot and was ready  to go.    I checked my heart rate and it was about 60.  My body was cold to start and I welcomed the heat.  Friends would come go as I sat their baking.  at 30mins I felt good and by the 1 hour mark I felt no different although my heart rate was spiking to about 130-150 beats per minute.  I still had about 2/3 of water left.  90minutes was totally within reach as long my heart rate din't continue to rise.  I took a few minutes to focus on my breathing and got my heart rate down to about 120 for the rest of my stay.

After the first hour a few of the other sauna patrons were wondering what this freak (me) was doing staying in  so long.  I tell people it's to be better prepared for racing in hot weather (which it is) but really it's more for my my own ego (you know) mind over body, confidence kind of thing.

 At about the 70 minute mark this cute girl came in who's preparing for her 1st marathon.  We had chatted before and was inquiring about her training.  All of a sudden a rank smell of Aqua velvet filled nose arriving  well before the barbarian who was wearing it.
The door to the sauna had been sticking all day.  Every time someone entered or left the the room it would have to be forced closed the last 2 inches. During my stay I must have closed the damn thing 20 times.  Well the sauna was pretty packed and I was having a good conversation with this chick.  Someone entered and the door was stuck.  I asked the Barbarian to close the door.  ANGER filled his eyes (I think he was jealous of the attention I was getting)  "Now I'm the door man?" he uttered in disbelief as he reluctantly shut the door. , "No, your still smelly cologne dude." I thought to myself.  The dude was pissed for no reason and I was chuckling inside trying not to smile.  The girl  seemed a little concerned that fisticuffs might break out, she thanked cologne dude for helping everyone in the sauna by shutting the door, while at the same time giving him some sarcastic lip.

A few minutes later the crowd had dispersed and I was back to my own devices.  By the 80 minute mark I realized I had done something I had never thought possible.  I had defeated the sauna.  My mind and and body were at peace and I knew I could stay in indefinitely so long as I had fluids to rehydrate with.  After 102 minutes I had nothing left to prove and I calmly exited the sauna.  I had drank about a gallon and half of water gained 1 pound in water weight and outlast 48 people who entered the room while I was there.
48 points

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