Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love, Pain and Heartbreak: Using my Stick in the steam room

Yesterday I didn't get to the gym till the evening time.  I had brought my massage stick with me to work out some kinks in my left leg.   The sauna was packed so tight and there was barely room to pick your nose.
So I decided to venture over to the steam (a place I almost never visit.)  To my surprise it was empty.
Woo Hoo!

I sat in solitude for about 5 minutes vigorously working on my leg.  Then all of sudden in walks this chick that looks like she belongs to the Ukraine Olympic swim team. She see's my stick and we strike up a conversation.  I start telling  her what I do "Blah Blah Blah" and she interrupts me
 "So your that guy!" 
(my reputation had proceeded me, I think this is good thing?)
She had. heard about my from some other people on at the gym.

She explained to me that she does massage part time and wanted to check out the tightness in my calf.
(can you say best day ever?)
My excitement was short lived.
She started kneading my calf like she was juicing an orange.
I tried to hide my discomfort with a smile, but this chick was masochist and could see right through it.  The more pain I was in, the bigger her smile grew.

Man was this chick strong, she was hurting me but she was also being nice and she was also gorgeous.  The free massage only lasted a couple minutes. After which she asked if she could barrow my stick so she could show me what I should be doing with it.
As I sat there staring at this beautiful woman massaging  herself with her leg straight up in the air. I started to day dream of future together. Was this the one? That's when I noticed  the ring on her finger

What did I learn?
I'm gonna start bringing my stick to the gym everyday.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Back to doing what I do!

Today marked my third day back from a  gym membership that ended in August.

Word has spread and my flock of Sauna Buddies (both male and female) have come from far and wide to hear my witty tales  of shovels and sandals galore.