Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This blog is stupid and deserves some more BS

I started this off shoot of Bourbon feet as away for me track my hours in the sauna and keep track of the people I meet, however my due diligence has been lethargic. So I think I shall just ramble with some stupidity.  I got to be careful now because my some sauna buddies now lurk on my blog.  This all good and I consider them/you friends but eventually I should be careful not to talk smack about anyone who might get offended.  Also Some love intrests have been sparked with a  lady sauna buddy but this it's pretty freaking bizarre and I have no clue where it's going so I'l keep it under wraps for now.
I can barely remember last week but my guess is that I spent about 6-8 hours cooking
I have spent tha last few days in snow up at Big Bear and decided to thaw out in the sauna while it rained outside. I ended up spending 130 mins inside.  Highlight of the day was when the smoking hot yoga instructor from out of town  (Is their any job thats a bigger turn on?) joined the mix.  She was real sweet and the small talk was nice.  After about 15mins Mr. old dude, has been, motto cross, I hit on every girl guy arrived.  This same dude last week told me that the end of days was near and that god was ready to spite the non believers.  Anyway today Yoga girl was very liberal so Mr has been started complaining about about how conservative the people L.A. are.  The sauna was pretty packed and about 4 of us were laughing at change heart behind his back.  
at least 25 points

Monday, December 13, 2010


I got to the sauna around 7:45 and didn't leave till after 10 p.m. Had a nice chat with a Rastafarian about disc golf . The place was pretty dead and I scored every point possible.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


110 mins
Pretty crowded for a Saturday night I got there about at about 6p.m. coming straight from the beach.  My body needed to thaw out and my feet were almost numb when I arrived.  I stayed in for over 30 minutes straight 3 times in a row.  Listened too a interesting conversation between an self proclaimed Intellectual (very opinionated)  Nigerian and a naive upper class Chinese dude discuss the Economy.
19 points

Saturday, December 11, 2010


60 mins
Conversation went fro some dude wondering why the girl he saw stripping the night before was pissed off when he started hitting on her at the gym (dumb ass).  Next came a discussion about hunting (something I don"t do). Then a conversation about bringing in mp3 players into the sauna that somehow progressed to discussing how nokia helped in the murderer of many youths in Iran. (never heard about that before but heres a link)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The sauna was dead.  Lucky for me I had brought a Super Ball I had found on the beach.  It was actually pretty loud bouncing the ball off the wooden walls.  I refrained when someone else entered but as soon as the were gone, I snuck in a few good throws.


Packed in sardines I stayed longer than I planned because I didn't want to lose my seat. A good day for points.

Monday, December 6, 2010


90 mins
After going through the usual conversations about running and diet and all that crap this dude came in the sauna blasting his music.  Almost every time I'm there somebody is listening to their mp3 player so loud on their head phones that everyone in the sauna can hear it.  I find this to be a rude gesture but sometimes it's fun dog on the persons taste of music especially when it's the complete opposite you would peg that person to like.  Today this oafish overweight Italian dude came in blasting his music, and it was loud enough to tell he was listening to the "Humpty Dance" by the Digital Underground. (a song I have some nostalgia for) After a minute he pulled out his cell phone to check something and then put it in his back pocket.  All most instantly his phone started playing "Still in love with You" by Al green.  The dude was oblivious, myself and a random girl on the other side of the sauna started laughing and began to sing along.
12 points

Saturday, December 4, 2010

12/4 Interbreeding between Sapien and Neandertal

I hit the sauna today after a nice 2 hour run. after sitting in there for about 10 minutes these 2 other older super fit dudes joined.  I recognized one of them who I think I had chatted with before.  It turns out one of the guys has his own radio show in Northen Cal called "The wide World of Health" (he had interviewed Barefoot Ted in the past)  Some how we got into this discussion about research conducted this year showing that Neadertal and Homo Sapien interbred between 80 and 100 thousand years ago.  The evidence is not prolific in our current gene pool but traces but traces of it do show up in certain populations. When the subject switched to brain size being limited to the size of head a woman could birth I formulated my own conclusions about the problems of procreation between these rival bipeds.  I think Neandertal may been too large phallically (I never used that word before if in fact it is a word) for Sapien women further more maybe Sapien men were were either too small or Neandertal women were to loose for procreation.  Don't you just love what the mind comes up with while it's cooking.
13 Points 


I had just finished a 3 hour run and expected the sauna to be a nice place relax.  For some reason it felt more like work than play.  I ran into this real nice  20 something year old blond girl who often stays in for up to 45 mins straight.  I guess I consider her my arch rival, I can do 45 straight but I need at least 60oz of water. I caught her at the tail end of her visit so I didn't lose any points from  but everyone else was kicking my butt
-7 points

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A pretty mundane day, it started off interesting with a nice conversation with a 120lb Lesbian party girl and her mom, both good people and the daughter could totally kick my ass if I didn't watch my tongue (I conducted myself with charm and grace as always) after that the usual suspects began to arrive.  Every once and awhile it begins to feel like we are part of a Dude like Opera book club.  I maybe have convinced about 15 to 20 of my Sauna buddies  to read "Born to Run" and I get books suggested to me as well. Recently I purchased the book "Among the Thugs" About an investigative reporter infiltrating a soccer gang in Britain during the 80's when things were pretty rough over their.  I told some guy I would read it and now I got a homework assignment. Time to stop typing and start reading.
3 points

Sauna shorts

I would be the coolest kid in town,  wait a second that makes no sense I'd be the Hottest dude around if only I had a pair.

Electronic Fat Reducing Sauna Pants (220V 65W)

I just came across these bad boys at my favorite Chinese cheap crap website Deal Extreme.
I sure hope they come back in stock before X-mas.  Who needs a sauna when you can sit at home on your couch roasting some nuts and cooking hot dogs.  Maybe you could use this to get rid of those pesky tan lines by burning your skin ouch.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


 120 minutes
My first day back running in quite some time.  Its cold outside at night and I was looking to bank some warmth. The crowd was full of the usual suspects and the dialogue was nice but nothing intriguing.  I guess the highlight was when I complemented some old Asian dude on whistling (in an effort to make small talk)  He quickly lamented that it was the 

It sounded nothing like this but that's okay I think I actually preferred his hmm.
14 points
Sauna Log

11/10  120mins  - Spent a half hour consoling a lady who was love sick.

11/11  45mins - Talked mostly about Luna sandals with a friend.

11/12  80mins - Some dude was reading born to run in the jacuzzi

11/16 120mins - when I arrived some dude came out of the sauna saying they were just talking about me (poor bastards) most of you reading this are lucky, you only the sugar coated some what edited version of myself.  My sauna buddies are stuck listening to my Lunacy day after day.  I have a lot of respect for because nearly everyone is genuinely nice to me.  22 points

11/18 60mins - I think it must have been get into the gym free if you had fake boobs day.  When I got into the sauna there were two skinny girls with giant boobs. after about 5mins a third girl came in that I have talked to before who definitely had a breast enlargement (my sauna felt more like a strip club at this point) I started chatting with the 3rd girl and quickly got the subject to nude naked running.  I was curious about weather an augmented boob would be easier to run with than a natural boob of the same size.   She said he would give it a try on her treadmill at home. ( I was hoping for an invite over  but not so lucky) the other two girls seemed interested in the conversation but did not interject their opinions.  My personal sauna strip club ended sooner than I would have liked when Mr Buffed out dude wearing  Bengay cologne came in came in scarring away my muses.

11/24 165mins -went to the gym twice today.  One friend promised to buy me a bottle of Booker's if I teach to run more efficiently (hell yeah I will) also had a nice talk about Armageddon drawing near with some dude that hit on every girl that came in. When their were no girls left (just me ) it inspired talk about the end of the world I guess.

11/27 70mins- Got invited to San Fransisco by one of my female sauna buddies 7 points

11/28 90mins.  I didn't get to the gym until 9 p.m. I ended leaving well after midnight the sauna as dead except for this old lady who was wearing a towel and nothing. -3 points

11/28-29 180mins I got the gym just before 7 p.m.  I didn't leave until after midnight.  It might have been the longest I've ever spent in the sauna from one visit to the gym.