Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A pretty mundane day, it started off interesting with a nice conversation with a 120lb Lesbian party girl and her mom, both good people and the daughter could totally kick my ass if I didn't watch my tongue (I conducted myself with charm and grace as always) after that the usual suspects began to arrive.  Every once and awhile it begins to feel like we are part of a Dude like Opera book club.  I maybe have convinced about 15 to 20 of my Sauna buddies  to read "Born to Run" and I get books suggested to me as well. Recently I purchased the book "Among the Thugs" About an investigative reporter infiltrating a soccer gang in Britain during the 80's when things were pretty rough over their.  I told some guy I would read it and now I got a homework assignment. Time to stop typing and start reading.
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