Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This blog is stupid and deserves some more BS

I started this off shoot of Bourbon feet as away for me track my hours in the sauna and keep track of the people I meet, however my due diligence has been lethargic. So I think I shall just ramble with some stupidity.  I got to be careful now because my some sauna buddies now lurk on my blog.  This all good and I consider them/you friends but eventually I should be careful not to talk smack about anyone who might get offended.  Also Some love intrests have been sparked with a  lady sauna buddy but this it's pretty freaking bizarre and I have no clue where it's going so I'l keep it under wraps for now.
I can barely remember last week but my guess is that I spent about 6-8 hours cooking
I have spent tha last few days in snow up at Big Bear and decided to thaw out in the sauna while it rained outside. I ended up spending 130 mins inside.  Highlight of the day was when the smoking hot yoga instructor from out of town  (Is their any job thats a bigger turn on?) joined the mix.  She was real sweet and the small talk was nice.  After about 15mins Mr. old dude, has been, motto cross, I hit on every girl guy arrived.  This same dude last week told me that the end of days was near and that god was ready to spite the non believers.  Anyway today Yoga girl was very liberal so Mr has been started complaining about about how conservative the people L.A. are.  The sauna was pretty packed and about 4 of us were laughing at change heart behind his back.  
at least 25 points

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