Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sauna Log

11/10  120mins  - Spent a half hour consoling a lady who was love sick.

11/11  45mins - Talked mostly about Luna sandals with a friend.

11/12  80mins - Some dude was reading born to run in the jacuzzi

11/16 120mins - when I arrived some dude came out of the sauna saying they were just talking about me (poor bastards) most of you reading this are lucky, you only the sugar coated some what edited version of myself.  My sauna buddies are stuck listening to my Lunacy day after day.  I have a lot of respect for because nearly everyone is genuinely nice to me.  22 points

11/18 60mins - I think it must have been get into the gym free if you had fake boobs day.  When I got into the sauna there were two skinny girls with giant boobs. after about 5mins a third girl came in that I have talked to before who definitely had a breast enlargement (my sauna felt more like a strip club at this point) I started chatting with the 3rd girl and quickly got the subject to nude naked running.  I was curious about weather an augmented boob would be easier to run with than a natural boob of the same size.   She said he would give it a try on her treadmill at home. ( I was hoping for an invite over  but not so lucky) the other two girls seemed interested in the conversation but did not interject their opinions.  My personal sauna strip club ended sooner than I would have liked when Mr Buffed out dude wearing  Bengay cologne came in came in scarring away my muses.

11/24 165mins -went to the gym twice today.  One friend promised to buy me a bottle of Booker's if I teach to run more efficiently (hell yeah I will) also had a nice talk about Armageddon drawing near with some dude that hit on every girl that came in. When their were no girls left (just me ) it inspired talk about the end of the world I guess.

11/27 70mins- Got invited to San Fransisco by one of my female sauna buddies 7 points

11/28 90mins.  I didn't get to the gym until 9 p.m. I ended leaving well after midnight the sauna as dead except for this old lady who was wearing a towel and nothing. -3 points

11/28-29 180mins I got the gym just before 7 p.m.  I didn't leave until after midnight.  It might have been the longest I've ever spent in the sauna from one visit to the gym.

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