Saturday, December 4, 2010

12/4 Interbreeding between Sapien and Neandertal

I hit the sauna today after a nice 2 hour run. after sitting in there for about 10 minutes these 2 other older super fit dudes joined.  I recognized one of them who I think I had chatted with before.  It turns out one of the guys has his own radio show in Northen Cal called "The wide World of Health" (he had interviewed Barefoot Ted in the past)  Some how we got into this discussion about research conducted this year showing that Neadertal and Homo Sapien interbred between 80 and 100 thousand years ago.  The evidence is not prolific in our current gene pool but traces but traces of it do show up in certain populations. When the subject switched to brain size being limited to the size of head a woman could birth I formulated my own conclusions about the problems of procreation between these rival bipeds.  I think Neandertal may been too large phallically (I never used that word before if in fact it is a word) for Sapien women further more maybe Sapien men were were either too small or Neandertal women were to loose for procreation.  Don't you just love what the mind comes up with while it's cooking.
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