Monday, December 6, 2010


90 mins
After going through the usual conversations about running and diet and all that crap this dude came in the sauna blasting his music.  Almost every time I'm there somebody is listening to their mp3 player so loud on their head phones that everyone in the sauna can hear it.  I find this to be a rude gesture but sometimes it's fun dog on the persons taste of music especially when it's the complete opposite you would peg that person to like.  Today this oafish overweight Italian dude came in blasting his music, and it was loud enough to tell he was listening to the "Humpty Dance" by the Digital Underground. (a song I have some nostalgia for) After a minute he pulled out his cell phone to check something and then put it in his back pocket.  All most instantly his phone started playing "Still in love with You" by Al green.  The dude was oblivious, myself and a random girl on the other side of the sauna started laughing and began to sing along.
12 points

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