Monday, November 19, 2012


I went to the sauna today to help my body recover from the Chimera 100 mile race I ran over the weekend  .  Everything was pretty boring for the first hour.  I found myself sitting on the bottom part of an "L" shaped bench while 3 roided out dudes crowding the other side. 

All of sudden this smoking hot girl I had never seen before comes in and the dudes on the other side of the "L"began to scooch back and forth jostling to create a spot for her  to sit next them.  I sat there and smiled at the scene unfolding. At least one of them was gonna be out of luck.  After about 15 seconds of jockeying for position  a 3 foot  wet spot on the bench opened up for her. 

Then as luck would have it she squeezed into a spot half the size, the one next to me
We had a nice chat exchanged contact info and I think I got a new Paddle tennis partner.

As for the other seat It was almost instantly filled by a crazy born again church lady that I have seen from time to time.  She's a little bit husky, loves to talk and scared all the dudes away in just a few seconds.  Awhile back I decided to befriend the crazy church lady.  Rather than be annoyed by her antics I accept her for who she is and find  her rhetoric quite entertaining.

Life is to short not to enjoy it's simple pleasures and when your brain is cooking at 200 degrees you might as well make the best out of it.  

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