Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I had a race the next morning. (well it ended up being 2 races)  

I had a few beers at the races.  My body was tight I only had a few minutes to spare before heading off to a Super Bowl party




It was Saturday night I had to get up by 4a.m. the next morning for a race.  

Time was at a stand still in the sauna.  I needed a diversion from the heat, so I decided too stand up and take full gander of what was going on the other side of the sauna door.  Over at the shower I saw this old man.(early 70's, Maybe it was arthritis or  super stiff muscles but this dude looked like he was doing the robot and he was doing it well.  I am easily amused and memory of that geriatric dancing in shower will always bring a smile to my face

100 mins
Mr. Religion

The last song I listened to upstairs was "Alter of Sacrifice." By SLAYER. I dig their music and find their lyrics pretty funny.  The last line I  heard was "Learn the Sacred words of praise hell Satan" to me both Jesus and the Satan are as make believe as the Smurfs or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. that's not to say I can't enjoy songs about them "Hallelujah" is one of my very favorite songs. (I also know both the Smurfs and the TMNT theme songs).  So i'm sitting in the sauna with dumb Slayer echoing in my brain "Praise Hell Satan, Praise Hell Satan." and in walks this dude all tatted up,  on one arm he had the star of David and a cross, while on the other arm he had what looked like "Gimel" and some of the other signs of the dradel. He also wore a cross on a chain around his neck.  He had a few other tattoo's I couldn't decipher  most likely Buddhist and Muslim.  Instead of waiting for the afterlife I'll enjoy heaven on Earth,  feed the worms when I die and embrace the fires of hell in sauna.  If I'm wrong I should be properly acclimated for the afterlife.

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